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Improv Comedy

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Brett has been teaching improv for over 20 years. He has had the amazing opportunity to meet and train with some of the greatest living improvisers. He is currently teaching Improv at LSU.


Do you have an improv team and want to take your performance and team culture to the next level of joy, creativity, quality, and ease? Brett is available on line and in person


Brett travels around to Improv Theaters Colleges and Festivals, teaching a variety of workshops. Please reach out to see if we can make it happen! 

Improv Shows

The Over Educated

The overeducated is a group of unique and well-educated players with lots of love for improv and many years of experience. We play in a variety of styles, primarily long-form.  They incorporate music, dance, and narrative styles. 

Brett And NIco aka "Brico"

Nico and Brett perform a long-form two-person multi-character show. The two flow seamlessly between roles and can effortlessly play scenes with 8 or 10 different distinct characters 


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